Sunday, April 17, 2011

60 second Doodle

There’s just something about children and doodling.  When I was introducing the half rest yesterday to a group of 5 year olds, I gave each student a half rest cut from foam and asked what they thought it looked like. Of course it didn't take them long to blurt out "the hat" and I was ready to associate it with “2 beats of silence” when one child quickly said “ but it’s way too small for me!”
That caught me by surprise but gave an idea for a quick creative activity. The children squealed with excitement when I brought out a small white board for each child and announced the delightful “ 60 second Doodle Time”.  I was amazed at how quickly they doodled away . And now, here’s a picture to share these cute little creations :)


  1. I love the little half rest friends. So cute!

  2. Thanks Anne & Stace, it was nice watching the kids having fun doodling away.

  3. Cool idea! A class set of white boards. Small, inexpensive...the ideas are endless for teaching.

  4. Thanks Lois. I agree....the whiteboards are great!!


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