Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Inspiring Moment

This morning, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop presented by the world renowned Canadian pianist, Ian Parker.  What a tremendous learning experience it was!
An amazingly delightful and articulate speaker, Mr. Parker shared tips about practising and preparing students for recitals, exams and festivals. His passion and wonderful sense of humor is unmistakable! He really captivated the audience with the most amazing analogies that simply find marvellous ways of revealing the most abstract concepts.
My favourite was definitely “The puzzle” analogy that is so relevant and something that kids can easily identify. I had always struggled with communicating the idea of playing and feeling in longer lines.  But when Mr. Parker spoke about how learning a piece is like putting a puzzle together and smoothening the seams as he referred, this immediately clicked as I connected with this simple and yet powerful analogy. What a perfect way to explain!
It was such an inspiring hour that left me in good spirits all day. That leads me into thinking about how invaluable a coach is as teaching is indeed an art and lifelong learning skill. The energizing words of wisdom and encouragement go a long way in shaping my musical journey, both as a teacher and performer. I'm grateful for the gems I'm able to pick along the this truly makes my musical path so rewarding and meaningful...


  1. That is a great analogy- thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful! It truly is a lifelong pursuit, isn't it. Having studied music for nearly my entire life, I now find these types of explanations & analogies even more rewarding (and exciting!) than I ever did. Sometimes it's just a simple thought, but it can be revolutionary to both your teaching and performing. Thanks for sharing this little gem. :)

  3. Thank you ladies, and I mustn't forget the community of piano teacher bloggers whom I have come to learn lots from as well.

  4. You lucky lady! I'm sure he is a truly inspiring person to listen to, as much when he speaks as when he plays.

  5. Yes he is Tanya. I suggested that he considered coming up with a book of his wonderful analogies :)


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