Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Beloved Piano

I too was inspired by Joy Morin’s post when she asked “What kind of piano do you have in your home?” as well as Anne Crosby’s post on “A Trip through Time”. As I reflect on my past, it is a wonder how fortunate I am for what I am able to own today. Never in a million years would I have ever thought of owning a grand piano and Clavinova in my studio. I grew up with a Grotrian and then 2 Yamaha grands and there was an episode of my life when I had no instrument for years. This changed when I arrived in Canada and was blessed with a Yamaha Clavinova, then a Yamaha U3 and now a Boston GP178. I’ve yearned for a grand piano for years when my sweet husband purchased this beautiful piano 2 years ago. It’s not the Steinway Model “O” but it is more than I can ever dream of having and more significantly, one that holds a lot of sentimental value.
What else do I love about my piano? 
It’s the profoundly rich bass and the warm, lush tone of the instrument that feels so magical..


  1. What a gorgeous instrument! So awesome that you are living your dream of a grand. I know it wouldn't be the same as hearing it in person, but you should post a video of yourself playing it so we can hear it. :)

  2. Thanks for dropping a note Leah. Yes, I’m indeed very thankful ….it was truly like a dream come true the winter of 2009. I still remember my husband convincing me that we WERE buying the piano. I was flabbergasted!!
    I’d love to do a video, that would be an exciting project to set up the gadgets for recording but before all of that, practice HAS to happen first
    Never say never Leah, miracles do happen! I hope you will take your dream piano home someday…..

  3. What a beautiful instrument, Wendy! Thanks for putting up photos!!

  4. You're welcome Joy, thanks for the inspiration and good luck with piano shopping!


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