Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Summer Project List

Now that the recital is over, my summer break has officially started and I'm so excited to get started on projects and some work I've had to put off for a while. Most of the items on my to do list stem from the inspirations, discussions and wonderful ideas I've had the joy of learning from some fabulous blogs. While I really admire the enthusiasm and energy of teachers who are running music camps and their creativity with the curriculum, I think it's something I have to pass for now. Instead I opt to take the opportunity to relax, reenergize and smell some of the roses out there.  
It's funny to think how life seemed so different just 3 months ago before I created this blog. I didn't recall feeling so inspired, didn't recall being excited about writing, let alone maintaining a blog. Writing was never my thing and I still remember the shivers at the thought of completing an essay. I was quite nervous about this blog and particularly anxious that I will not be able to keep it running for too long. Well, it's been 2.5 months and I am enjoying it especially getting to know so many teachers and the friendships I have made along the way. I actually look forward to sharing and learning from other piano teacher bloggers. Anyway, I am excited to share my summer project list and day 1 will officially begin tomorrow. This list is arranged in order of priority and I consider myself successful if I can get through half of my list for the summer. Fingers crossed!!


  1. This is a GREAT project list and I am delighted to be referenced in #8. I'd move #9 a little higher... fun! Isn't summer is the best?

  2. Thanks Anne! OK, I'll attempt to create 1 video, hopefully it's easier than it sounds:)


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