Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recital Preparations

Last week, I had a "kids only" class to work on a special project for their parents. It was doodle day and the kids were overjoyed when I pulled out sheets of drawing paper and crayons and then announced the creative assignment. Parents have attended a full year of lessons with their children and I thought it would be nice for them to take a break and for the students to work on a simple thank you gift for mom and dad. The kids worked within a 10 minute time limit to complete their artwork after which I quizzed them on musical terms, symbols and everything we've learned throughout the year.

Here's what a student came up with after 20 minutes of doodling and writing down the answers to my questions. I collected the artwork, rolled them into scrolls and attached a small packet of tea bags along with a thank you note. I'm planning a surprise gift that the children can proudly present their parents.

As for student gifts, I have been keeping busy with some frame designs that showcase each student's composition on one side and photos on another. The project is finally completed for 24 students and I am very excited to include this along with the certificates in a gingham sleeve to present on recital day. I am hoping this will be a special keepsake in the years to come....


  1.! So cute Wendy, what an adorable idea for the Moms and Dads.

  2. Thanks Anne....I hope the parents like them. Having my recital tomorrow:)

  3. Hope the recital went well! Your gifts are so creative and thoughtful!

  4. Thank you Laura. The recital went well and I think the parents appreciated the gifts from the children:)


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