Friday, June 24, 2011

Resources for iPad Whiteboard App

If you haven't seen Anne's post on the "Multitouch Whiteboard for iPad", you must head over now! Thanks Anne for sharing this awesome idea!! I have to admit it's a fantastic tool that opens up a world of possibilities for its use as a teaching aid and adds a fun way for students to complete theory worksheets on the iPad. For those of you still on the fence about an iPad, perhaps this will finally convince you?? :) I was one of those people sitting on the fence months ago and today, I think it's probably one of my best purchases for the studio. The only downside is my inability to afford a class set of these awesome gadgets. An iPad with a larger screen size would also be REALLY NICE!
Anyway, the Whiteboard for the iPad. I thought it was great as an extension to the Crayola boards but what is exceptionally neat is the fact that users can create theory worksheets and save them as "backgrounds" for students to complete on the iPad. Backgrounds are simply resized and saved as photos on the iPad and they are incredibly easy to switch back and forth on the program. And it's completely paperless, no more printing and slipping in worksheets on sheet protectors.
I'm so impressed and excited that I decided this year, I will be spending some time designing and creating backgrounds for this program and sharing them on a page dedicated for iPad resources!! :) I'm even considering sharing these files with students and families so they can have access on their iPads at home.
I got a chance to resize and transfer the Circle of Fifths and Finger Dance jpeg files on the iPad. Quite pleased with how they look and function on the whiteboard app. I will be posting the resized jpeg files on my blog under "iPad resources" if anyone is interested in downloading for use on the iPad. Here's a picture to share...have fun exploring this app!


  1. I knew you would do a beautiful job, Wendy! I can see you are going to have fun running with this idea.

  2. Thank you Anne. Kudos to you for discovering this awesome app!! This year is indeed exciting!


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