Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spinner for iPad

This last weekend, I had a chance to play around with the iPad and browse to see what's available on the app store. What a huge database of apps out there. Many of them are actually free apps and I'm just blown away by the vast selection of apps for virtually anything you are looking for.
I was curious about a customizable spinner template to review a  variety of musical concepts and guess what I found? The amazing "Spin the bottle" app by Vitzu. There were a few other similar apps that are free but I chose this one for $.99 for the colorful graphics, full screen app and its ease to operate. Creating titles for the "wedges" is a breeze and each spinner allows up to 15 sections with a timer for each, if so preferred. To give an idea on how simple it is to customize and set up a spinner, I created my Tempo Spinner in less than 5 minutes!!

Yesterday, I used the app in my class for the first time and what FUN! The students had a blast reviewing tempos along with game cards that I threw in to add a twist to the game. Each student took turns to spin the bottle and complete the task from the game card in the tempo the bottle pointed to. For example, one student had to "dance accelerando"
I am absolutely thrilled to find this app and for $.99, I think it's well worth the purchase as it's SO fun and easy to use! I was initially thinking of creating a few spinners for studio use but with this app, I am happy that I can now devote my efforts to other initiatives this summer...


  1. All these posts about iPad apps makes me want to go buy one! I was able to download Anne's background and actually print it out and laminate it to use it, but now I see a lot more benefits of having an iPad on hand! Maybe I'll invest in one. Thanks for sharing this. I was thinking of making some little wheels myself this summer.

  2. Could you set up the spinner for intervals, playbacks, clap backs etc? It would be a fun twist for exam prep. Good find, Wendy!

  3. Lacy: Thanks for dropping a note. Indeed, it's an exciting discovery with the iPad and the awesome apps out there. In fact, many parents actually purchased the iPad after I used it in our classes! I think you'll really have fun with it:)

    Anne: Yes, you can set up the spinner for anything imaginable on a regular spinner. I just wish it is possible to add photos on each section along with the text. The exam prep spinner is a great idea, I'm going to make one now.

  4. is it possible to put notes and symbols in the colored sections for rhythm work.....

  5. Unfortunately, the app only accepts regular text. Hopefully, it will be able to support photo entries which would make it possible for notes and rhythm exercises in the future :)


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