Sunday, June 12, 2011

When a Teacher's Heart Melts...

One of the joys of teaching is knowing you have a special place in a student's heart. Recently,  I was presented with a beautifully hand drawn card with the most heart warming message. It is pieces like this that really melt my heart and encourage me to be the best I can to provide a fulfilling musical experience for students. I am always fascinated by the work of a child, no matter how simple or intricate as I can reminisce with warm recollections of the time when the special gift was created and feel the sincerity and thoughts of the young mind behind a masterpiece.
Over the years, I have received quite a few cards and I have kept them in a photo box along with other treasures from students and parents. I feel I have been blessed with the most amazing families and students:)


  1. I am always grateful for the warmth of the families I work with. Thanks for adding to the hope in the goodness of people.

  2. Thank you BusyB, indeed there is goodness in people. I am thankful for the privilege of being in the warm thoughts of these families! Thanks for dropping a note :)

  3. I have a special box of goodies too! I LOVE the homemade cards and drawings.

  4. Wendy,
    What a sweet card! I also keep all of my mementos from my kids. Sometime I really want to put them all together into some sort of scrapbook together with recital programs and photos. I remember when I was growing up, my piano teacher had several of these studio scrapbooks in her waiting area and I always loved looking through them!

  5. Thanks Anne. I bet you must have a ton of goodies from kids all over the world who are playing your beautiful pieces.. And you DESERVE these goodies for the amazing work you do!

    Luba, it's such a great idea to make a scrapbook out of these little pieces, isn't it? I'm going to attempt this project in the summer....
    Please post pictures of your scrapbook if you're getting it done, it would be such wonderful inspiration for us all!


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