Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Parent Surveys

It's been a week of sunshine here and I really am enjoying the warmer weather apart from having to water my lawn! Although classes are over and it's time to relax, I can't help thinking that I should be planning and preparing for the fall when the MYC program starts up again. Looking back in the last year, I think I have been relatively successful based upon my own judgement and also having received some kind comments from families in the program. However, wouldn't it be nice to know in more detail what aspects of my studio and the program these families and students are enjoying (or not). With this information, I will be able to effectively look into the "missing holes"and brainstorm some ideas to fill the gaps and ultimately enhance the studio experience. If anything, now is the time to collect some information since summer offers me a bit of time for my personal and studio projects.
Hence, I've turned to to create an online survey. I think this feature is pretty neat in that users can create questions in a variety of formats complete with comment boxes for each question. Best of all? It's free for up to 10 questions. Users can send the survey through email or embed it right on a website.
Other advantages to online vs paper based questionaires?
  • No more creating surveys on word processing programs and forgetting where you save them
  • Create surveys with beautiful and professional looking pre-made templates
  • Convenience! Receive real time responses. Users can even get more sophisticated use of the tool to generate a report!
  • Comments are saved and accessible anytime, no more rummaging through piles of paper to get to the response you need
  • Surveys are saved on a users account so these are available as templates for future use
  • Easy and Convenient for parents, surveys can be delivered via email, through a web link, by embedding on a website or shared through facebook.
I am working on my survey and quite excited to email it out this afternoon. To encourage participation, parents will be given an entry to a draw for a Chapters or Starbucks card for each survey completed. Just curious if anyone has tried or currently using this or other tools to collect feedback from parents? If you have, I would love to hear of your experience.


  1. This sounds very similar to the Forms I use on Google Docs. I can post a Form on my website, such as student interview forms that they can submit on my website before they actually come to the interview. That way I know a little bit about them before they come. It keeps track of it on a spreadsheet on my Google Docs account so I know who has taken it and what their answers were. I can also copy the form and then modify it the way I would like if I want to make it differently in the future. I'll have to check out this site to see how similar they are.

  2. I've never used Survey Monkey but I have used google docs - wrote a post about it here: I find google docs confusing to use, but it is free. If Survey Monkey is more user-friendly, that might make it worthwhile!

  3. Lacy: Thanks for sharing your experience. I honestly didn't know about the online questionaire available through google docs. Will look into it, seems like it's very similar to survey monkey. I like your idea about having student interview forms on the website, thanks for sharing!

    Laura: I just read your post and I think it's interesting that the data can be made available on a spreadsheet. I find survey monkey quite user-friendly and will have to see how google docs compare. So excited that I received my first testimonial yesterday and 2 responses!!


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