Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Studio Decorations

I've been in studio decorating mode in the last week and one of the projects I enjoy most is building a collage of student photos each year. This year, I decided to hang individual photos on a clothesline made of raffia strings and securing them with mini clothespins. I created a template of 2.5" circle shapes with a simple design on my computer and centred photos on each circle.Then I printed out the sheets (with about 9 circle shapes on each) and cut out the circle shapes. To give a little dimension, I adhered the circle cutouts to 2.75" scallop circle shapes. This little gallery has attracted much attention in the last 2 years and I love putting in the effort to make this a special corner in the studio. 

Here's another section of my cork board now covered in red fabric with new trimmings on the edges. Circles and polka dots are my favourites so my bulletin board is not complete without these shapes. So I have arranged these little 2" felt circle pieces, all ready to use for patterns and solfege activities. I'm actually surprised how well they adhere to the cotton fabric. It's amazing how simple shapes in vibrant colours can instantly brighten up any space!

These A-F alphabet cards used to be stuck on the wall directly above each keyboard in the studio. I have been rotating these alphabet cards weekly so students attending group classes get an opportunity to play on a different keyboard each week. I was excited to find thin coloured dowels with mushroom shaped clothespins to clip on the alphabet cards. I attached small pieces of styrofoam on the opposite end of each dowel and the decorative rocks work like a charm to hold the dowel in place. And the lovely glass candle holders make it much easier to transport around the room, no more mess with sticking and peeling invisible tape :) It certainly feels nice to give the studio a little makeover. Anyone out there who is also working on studio decorations?


  1. I love this! Thanks so much for posting this. I can't wait to do this in my studio.

  2. Thanks Shauna, I'm sure you'll have fun decorating your studio. Do post and share pictures :)

  3. Wow Wendy! Those look great! Your students are so lucky to learn in such an inviting and colorful environment!

  4. Thank you Luba, I'm fortunate to be able to work on craft projects alongside teaching :)

  5. Great Job as always :) I redecorated to monkey theme this summer. Can't go wrong with monkeys... lol


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