Monday, September 5, 2011

All Ready For Tomorrow..

WOW! Where did the summer go? I've been doing some last minute projects and decorations around the studio the last few days in preparation for the big day tomorrow. It's my first day welcoming all the students back to the studio! This year, I'll also be joined by 13 new students that I'm excited to begin a new musical journey with.

A few small projects over the last few days: 

Here's a newly decorated cork board with the leftover fabric that I had from my studio project a month ago. Last year, I had my recital pictures on a piece of poster board and I certainly prefer how it looks on a fabric cork board. I was surprised that mounting the fabric and ribbon lining on the cork board was actually quite easy..All I needed was simply a pair of scissors and glue gun.

And some name tags that I have had the pleasure of making for the students each year. These actually fit nicely in the plastic sleeve on the front of the bag
And lastly, here's my favourite. I found these pretty little treble clef hooks that were on sale for $5.99 each from HomeSense. What a perfect addition to the studio and I really like how it gives a nice accent to the wall...
I'm ready to begin tomorrow and here's wishing everyone a happy teaching year! Look forward to continuing this friendly support and learning from your experiences.


  1. I am starting my fall teaching today as well. And away we go..........

  2. My best wishes for a fun filled and wonderful teaching year, Busy B!

  3. I start tomorrow...good luck on your new year!
    I LOVE LOVE that treble clef hook!! Going to check out our H.S. store and see if they have them too- are they strong enough to hold coats?

  4. All the best to you too Leah!! The treble clef hooks seem very sturdy and I think coats are not a problem. $5.99 was a steal for a set of 5 hooks!


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