Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Doodle Fun

Here's a fun activity that will guarantee loads of giggles and reenergize a sleepy child :) Check out Face Doodle on the app store. It's 99 cents but worth the small fee to spice up your lessons, particularly when teaching in a group environment. I'm sure your students will have a lot of fun and encouraged to get their answers right (AND FAST!!) for a turn to select a nose, ear, hair style even teeth for the face. Best part is you can adapt the game and work on any concepts.

It was rhythm dictation time yesterday and normally, the kids would lay out their rhythm pieces on the floor after I clap the rhythm twice. I decided to add a twist with face doodling on the iPad. The children took turns to dictate a 4 beat rhythm verbally for a chance to "draw" the face. Curious what we came up with?
I saved the photo and emailed it off to the parents after class, something they would be able to archive digitally as a keepsake? I don't think the students will forget this photo in their adulthood :)


  1. Congratulations, Wendy, on a most lovely blog. It is so great that I have to visit from time to time, although time is not plentiful for me now. :( Again, applause for a wonderful blog and an even more wonderful studio. You are amazingly talented.

  2. Thanks BusyB, I love looking for goodies that make lessons more fun, even for me!! :

    KS: AWW, thank you for the kind words and for stopping by once in a while. You're an amazing talent too and definitely one of my sources of inspiration!


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