Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Composing Game

I've been enjoying some of the Halloween resources from a few wonderful blogs and thought I'd join in the fun to create a game for Halloween. As I was thinking about a concept for the game, I thought it would be fun for students to improvise and compose with some fun rhythms and Halloween verses. So here's a little game I am experimenting with and look forward to playing in a few of my classes.
  1. To begin, students place their markers on"Start"
  2. Use a regular or rhythm dice and follow the black dots to move along the notes. When students land on a note, they pick a card and improvise a melody beginning with the note they land on, creating a tune using only notes from the C minor pentascale and in the rhythm printed on the card. It would be interesting for students to also notate their little composition on a staff board as they advance through the game ...and even come up with funny lyrics!! :)
  3. Game continues until a student wins when he/she is first to reach "Fine"
I've created 8 game cards and included a blank template for additional rhythms and different time signatures to customize and add to the game. Feel free to print this Halloween resource for your studio use.
For iPad users, I've also created 2 backgrounds in a Halloween theme (blank and another with staff lines) for a variety of activities and concepts you may be presenting this spooky season, enjoy!


  1. Wendy, these are so cute! And what a great compositional exercise!

  2. Thank you Stace, glad you like it

  3. Oh my! We love Halloween here. This is such a great idea. Thanks so much. I couldn't get the ipad backgrounds to download correctly, though. Any tips?

  4. Hi Bethany,
    Here's how I download and transfer the images to the iPad, I hope this works for you.
    1. When you get to dropbox with all the backgrounds, click on the individual background and then the "save" button at the bottom of the image.
    2. Locate the file on your computer and transfer it to your iPad photos folder
    3. Open iTunes and connect your iPad to your computer. Go to the photos tab. On the option for "Sync photos from", point to iPad photos folder where the image is saved. Start the sync process by clicking "apply" or "sync" at the bottom right of the screen.

    The image should be added to the photos app. You can then select the photo as the background when you launch a whiteboard app on your iPad

    Hope this helps :) Good luck!


  5. Oh, these look like so much fun! Thanks for sharing them!

  6. Thank-you Wendy. I will play this game at my Pumpkin Party group lessons this month.

  7. You're welcome Laura, glad you like it :)

    Busy B, I'm so glad that you'll be playing this game at the Pumpkin party group lesson. The agenda that you have for the pumpkin party sounds very interesting!


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