Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Major Minor Faces

I've been having so much fun capturing videos and just want to share this short Major Minor Faces video clip from one of my classes. I'm so looking forward to creating short instructional videos by these students themselves. I'm sure they would be much more excited watching themselves in the videos instead of plain ole Ms Wendy. For me, it's so fulfilling to switch places and watch these young musicians take their role as teachers and demonstrating their understanding of concepts learned.

Hope you enjoy this short video :)


  1. Thank you Stace and Anne, it was a blast creating these short videos. I am working on another one to share over the next few days, these children are such a joy to work with :)

  2. Such cute little listeners! I love how excited they are to switch to their "minor" faces!

  3. Thanks Luba, indeed they had so much fun recording this video AND watching themselves after!

    Lorrie, yes I think this is precious, I've captured a few video clips of students in action and their "comments" on musical concepts we've learned. I look forward to sharing these videos :)

  4. Thanks Wendy, we had a good laugh,
    Manav loved watching himself!!!

    Love it Manav says "Thanks Wendy"



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