Friday, November 4, 2011

My Little Triads And Inversions Teacher

Ever since the Major Minor Faces video, I've felt very inspired to create short instructional videos by students themselves to demonstrate specific exercises, concepts and technique at the piano. This adds to the fun in learning and I'm excited how this project will motivate the students to keep their focus and encouraged them to articulate what they know. When I announced my plans for this project, the students all seemed just ecstatic about the opportunity to see themselves on videos. Not only will students be performing their favourite pieces but they will also take on another role as teachers! I think it's so rewarding to see these students mastering the concepts and then relating back in their own words their understanding of these concepts and subsequently "teach" their peers. 

I promised to share another clip so here's a first video featuring my little Triads and Inversions teacher demonstrating how he figures out the notes to play for the root position, 1st and 2nd inversion triads. Can't wait to work on more!


  1. Hi Wendy !

    Once again, thanks for the great ideas :)

    Susan ( San Antonio, TX )


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