Friday, February 3, 2012

Be My Valentine

Valentine's round the corner and I'm excited to share a little game and printable with you.  This is a fun game for group lessons and students get to work on counting the number of beats for the different rhythms presented. The objective of the game is to give away all cards.  

To play:
  1. Distribute cards equally to each student with cards faced down
  2. Students draw the first card from their pile and count the number of beats 
  3. The player with most beats will "own" all the drawn cards. 
  4. Students then chant "Be My Valentine" to the player who "adds" to their pile
  5. Game continues until a student wins by "giving away" all his/her cards
I've included a few pages of rhythms and also a blank page to use for writing/printing your own rhythms or even other concepts for a quick Valentine themed game. 
Print the cards double sided, cut and they are ready for use. Enjoy!


  1. Cute, Wendy! Any tips on playing this with one student only? (I don't do group lessons as of yet).

    1. How about using puppets or stuffed animals to take the place of the other "students"?
      It might also be fun to make up some silly words/sentences with a combination of rhythms :) Enjoy!


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