Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 Year-End Recital

I had my studio's year-end recital last Saturday and still remember the months leading up to the event. I had given students their recital pieces 8-10 weeks in advance and they all did such a fantastic job learning and memorizing their pieces. Funny that my little video camera and audio recorder caused some students quite a bit of anxiety, much more than playing for an actual audience. Somehow I feel the same way too. Perhaps it's the thought of a performance that can be revisited and scrutinized that makes one anxious.

It was a busy but enjoyable two months preparing for the recital. We learned about composing techniques in January and the students create their very own compositions for the Composition festival each year. I scanned and saved each of the masterpieces and had so much fun adding a design and turning them to works of art to show my appreciation for the students' efforts and also reminding them of their ability at making music at any level. It was a major task on hand for me to ensure the notation was legible enough for printing but it was well worth the effort to "draw over" the musical notation for 30 compositions! I was very excited about presenting this as a gift for the students that I hope will make a great memento in the years to come.

I also made a simple collage of student photos for each class, this was quite fun for someone who enjoys photography and manipulating images in Photoshop!

The last week of MYC lessons were special classes since they were "Kids Only". I really enjoyed having the children all to myself and taking a bit of time chatting and getting silly while working on a craft activity together! It took me a while to brainstorm and come up with a quick craft that looks pretty and meaningful that the children can present their parents on recital day.

So, I decided that the children would make paper vases and flowers. They decorated the scallop circle card stock pieces with markers (to make the flowers) and adhere them along with leave shaped foam stickers to wooden coffee stir sticks.

After that, we headed upstairs for a rehearsal and recording session. I took the opportunity to discuss bowing and demonstrated what the children shouldn't do rather, and the kids broke out in laughter watching my silly variations of "what not to do".
I am so glad the recital went well and that I had the opportunity to meet the rest of the family members and their friends at the event. So thankful they could all come together to celebrate the work of these delightful young musicians. They cheered for all the performers and clapped along as the Moonbeam 3 students performed their graduation dance! 
And without further ado, here's a slideshow featuring photos and video clips captured at the recital


  1. What an enjoyable concert! Thank-you for sharing.

  2. You're so wonderfully creative, Wendy. Kudos to you for all the "extras"!

    1. Thank you LaDona, It was a lot of fun with the projects!


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