Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thank You Card

I've really enjoyed the photos and reading posts from teachers who have had their recitals! It's a fun time of the year although I always feel somewhat anxious as the recital comes closer. The students in my studio have been busy preparing their recital songs and this week, we will be having rehearsals and I'm planning a recording session to capture the wonderful performances and also playback the students' bowing so the kids have an opportunity to refine how they present themselves on stage.
Next week, we will have a "Kids Only" class in the studio and I'm looking forward to a short rehearsal followed by games, snacks and a little surprise craft activity. Parents usually attend the MYC classes but this week, they will be dropping off the children for a "Fun Day" while moms and dads have a coffee break. We are making a thank you gift for the children to present their parents on recital day. It's a surprise and I can't wait to share photos once we are finished with this project.
Here's a little thank you card that I have created to accompany the parent gifts. The students will be writing their thank you messages on the open space at the top left corner or the back of the card. The card size is 3" x 3" at its full printable resolution and I am happy to share this little piece of artwork if anyone is looking for a music themed thank you note. I think this will look nice printed on colour and on card stock paper. I have set the 3" cards on a template, feel free to download the pdf here. Hope you like it!


  1. I love this card! Thanks for sharing your gift, Wendy. I am going to use for sure. I just love your ideas!


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