Tuesday, August 28, 2012

C Major Street

It's back to school next week, can't believe the summer has just flown by. I sat down this morning and had intended to continue to work on lesson plans since classes are starting next week! But, as I was thinking about how I can help students "see" the fingering patterns for scales, especially when students will be transitioning on to 2 octave scales, I got carried away with creating my C Major Street design above. 

I thought this visual will help students get the idea of groups of 3s and 4s when working on Group 1 scales. I am excited to show this to my students when they come back next week.

On the topic of scales, be sure to also check out Susan Paradis' post and her lovely printable that provides students with a great hands on activity for building major and minor scales, I LOVE it!!

Please leave me a comment if you find this visual helpful and if you may be interested in using it for your studio, I'll be happy to send you the download link for the pdf file. Be sure to leave your email address or drop me an email at wendy@pianoescapades.com

Hope your summer has been relaxing and best wishes for a wonderful and fulfilling teaching year!


  1. Hooray you are back at it! Beautiful job on the scale street visual, I love it. You just make everything look so pretty.

    1. Thank you Anne, so glad you like it ;)

  2. I'd love to have it!! My e-mail is cheneycheneycheney at gmail dot com

  3. Beautiful! Just got done printing the stuff from Susan's blog (as you suggested) -- and I would love this pdf!

  4. I love the visual Wendy! And would also love a pdf. I'll email you... Thanks so much!

  5. Love it, Wendy! I'm so visual myself that I assume everyone can be helped by something like this. I'd love a pdf.

  6. Wonderful! I would love to have the pdf. My email is Kristen at Kristenspianostudio dot com

  7. Love it! Thanks for sharing and I'd like a copy


  8. Your ideas are so wonderful! I would love to have the pdf. I'm Cindy and my email is cms1308@nc.rr.com. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  9. I love it, Wendy! And would also love a pdf. My email is ariesdoko@gmail.com

  10. I love this visual, and would love a copy of the pdf. emilymatthewpiano@gmail.com

  11. Love your idea! Would love to have a copy of it. My email is doreen_chai@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  12. Hi Wendy, this is excellent for those visual kids of mine ... Thank you for sharing with us piano teachers! alicesiah@gmail.com


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