Monday, July 30, 2012

"Vobot" for Prep A Technique

It's been a while since any blogging activity and the last few weeks have been quite a journey. I attended the Music For Young Children conference and really enjoyed meeting new teacher friends and learning from their experiences. I also spent some time cleaning out the studio and very happy about the enhanced audio set-up with a little help from my husband. I got a used pair of Paradigm speakers for a steal and paired with a new amplifier, I'm super excited about another level of audio experience that I can now offer :)

Today, I managed a few hours of playtime at the computer and finished working on the Prep A technique chart. I thought "Vobot" might be one that the younger students will enjoy colouring - for 4 pentascales to prepare for RCM Prep A. 

Feel free to download this printable for your studio use, I am working on Prep B next and will share when it is completed. 

Please leave your comments if you have any thoughts to share, always love getting feedback about how these printables are working out for you and your students.
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