Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mini Piano Flashcards Printable

I've been working on a new printable, have you noticed a new obsession with piano designs? I love stripes and dots so the pianos in this printable are full of of them. I am planning to use this with my younger son to boost note reading and sight reading skills over the summer. 

I designed this flashcard set so that the staff lines are extended to the edge of the cards to allow for sight reading activities. I am a huge advocate of employing an intervallic approach to reading music and believe that sight reading is enhanced when a student attains a combination of strong intervallic and note reading skills. On this note, if you haven't read Joy Morin's post on Intervallic Reading, be sure to do so on her blog. It's an excellent post and Joy shares some wonderful ideas and games for interval reading!

Yesterday was the first test drive with this flashcard set. I selected 5 cards (C-G on Treble Clef) and arranged the cards at random to make a first sight reading pattern. I challenged my little one to play the notes fluently without peeking down on his hands. Initially, it helped that the notes were "whole notes" so he could take his time but we increased the tempo gradually as he gained confidence at reading intervals and finding the distance on the piano. It was much FUN! After that, he had an idea to shuffle the cards and rearrange them to make a new sight reading pattern. I am so glad this little activity engages and gets him excited at sight reading.

I'm glad to share this printable to use with your students. If you click on the little black rectangles in the graphic and animation above, it shows a preview of the cards and other ideas for use. For print settings, be sure to print at the actual size. I recommend printing on card stock and laminating for durability.

If anyone is interested in a colour version of the piano designs, I am excited to announce that the coloured printable is available for purchase.

$4.99 CAD

With the purchase of the Coloured Mini Piano Flashcards, you will also receive a free PDF (22 pages) featuring a single note on each page for students to name the notes in the Treble and Bass Clef. Simply write the letters on each side, when used with an annotation app on the iPad or tablet. The PDF also includes 4 pages showing "cards" with a blank staff (but may need zooming in to draw effectively).  If you are looking for an annotation app, I'm loving GoodNotes, thank you Joy for the recommendation!

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  1. GREAT idea!!! Thanks for sharing! I like the idea of staff reaching both sides of the "flashcard." Makes great sense to use it with other ideas you've suggested!
    I look forward to making these cards!!!


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