This printable also offers matching mini invitation cards for students to send to their guests. Colour and black and white versions of the program template and invitation card designs are included. Simply edit the text and personalize for your studio use.

This printable features 24 flashcards for students to identify diatonic, chromatic semitones, whole tones and enharmonic equivalents. Page 6 features an optional card backing for this set. 

Be My Valentine -  Count the beats, give away your cards and share some love- Pdf
Upside Down Snowman - worksheet for writing triads and inversions - Pdf 
Halloween Composing Game - Pdf 
Wonky Street - Pdf 

Gift Certificate(Editable)- Word
Invitation Card Design 1(Editable)- Word
Invitation Card Design 1(Blank)- Pdf
Invitation Card Design 2 (Editable) - Word
Invitation Card Design 2 (Blank)- Pdf
Circle of Fifths - Up to 4 sharps and flats
The Finger Dance card can be used as a visual and guide to help students learn the common scale fingering.The card may be used in the following ways:
  1. Play scale away from piano with the "finger dance" - reinforces thumb tuck and 3rd finger over. (would help to say the finger numbers out loud as children perform the finger dance)
  2. Print the scale letter names in the green boxes with a dry erase marker (on laminated copies) 
  3. Use as reference when practicing scales on the piano
Alphabet Cards (Spring Theme)
Alphabet Cards (Simple)
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