Resources for iPad

Backgrounds for the iPad
  1. Circle of Fifths
  2. Finger Dance Card
  3. Blank Piano with whiteboard 
  4. Blank Staff 
  5. Snowman Chord Progression Chart 
  6. Homework Assignment Sheet 
  7. Journey on Wonky Street - practice steps, skips and intervals
  8. Holly Jolly Rhythms
  9. Upside Down Snowman for triads and inversions
  10. Turkey Trivia
A full featured note taking app for the iPad user. Import pdf, ppt documents or image files from a web browser, a drop box folder or through iTunes. Users can draw, add text boxes, edit text with options to select fonts, change pen size and move the text boxes anywhere on the screen. The app also features audio recording so notes can be sent via email with an accompanying audio file attachment

The Home Concert Xtreme iPad App reads a standard midi file and displays the musical score on the iPad. Connect your iPad to a keyboard or digital piano and play along with the orchestrations. Concert Xtreme intelligently follows the performer by matching the tempo and dynamics. It even turn pages automatically. This tool provides ultimate enjoyment for students and teachers. A truly indispensable tool for any iPad user.

ForScore by MGS Development
An excellent App for reading sheet music and any PDF documents. Add text to the page, customize the fonts, highlight any section and draw on the page. Access a huge library of sheet music directly from the App. Add stamps for common music notation symbols and if you do not see a symbol, simply import an image and add to the library of stamps!! An amazing tool!

Doodle Buddy 
Free White Board for doodling. This app comes with a wonderful selection of stamps. Perfect for melodic patterns, interval exercises when used with the staff background

Customize and create your own spinner with this app. $0.99 on the App Store

Super fun game for note reading . Players tap the mole whose name matches the note on the staff. Select a range a notes to test in Treble, Bass and Alto Clef. Game can be played in 3 different speeds.
$0.99 on the App Store

Play the notes and listen to Simon's cat meow. Free play allows the player to compose, save and email  audio files. Challenge mode tests your ability to do copycat melodies. Very cute game and great for ear training! $0.99 on the App Store

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